The point is to change it is a website, in the lines of Gramsci’s slogan, dedicated to promoting political education, organization, and agitation towards a new society. In our Educate tab, you will find political educational material ideal for individual study or study groups. The Agitate tab is composed of news, articles, and other media. Finally, in our Organize tab you will find information about joining political organizations.

In the lines of Marx, we understand liberty, equality, and fraternity are only possible in a new socialist mode of production. The principles that guide our work are participatory democracy, environmental sustainability, equality in gender and diverse sexualities, international solidarity, and solidarity among all movements and sectors that work to transform our society, including but not limited to worker’s movements, environmental movements, LGBT movements, women’s movements, Coop movements, etc.

Contact: thepointistochangeit@gmail.com


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