The Republican-Democrat Heist: South Park and US elections

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are far from leftists. They probably coincide more with political libertarianism, agorism or Austrian economics than any other ideologies (although I’m sure they don’t wish to be forced into any label). Nevertheless, on many occasions their ideas and beliefs, as they communicate them through their comedy, coincide with many ideas usually associated with the left. Their show, although it may sound unlikely to many, has tremendous potential as an instrument of political agitation and even education. We will occasionaly share some episodes that exemplify this potential. It’s always good to sometimes think, analyze, or reflect on subjects while laughing out loud. 


Obama and McCain team up? For an Ocean’s 11 type heist? Watch “About Last Night” free at the Official South Park Website


I’m not sure if Stone and Parker intended the episode “About last Night” to be a critique of US politics or they simply wanted to make a funny story, but maybe it unintentionally makes a good and humorous analogy of what US elections are all about. The electoral race is nothing but a big distraction, that ultimately perpetuates political power (or the Hope Diamond according to South Park) in the few hands of politicians. No matter who wins, they take all.

South Park analogy aside, even the Democratic Parties’ machinery is too intertwined with American capitalism to have the potential of being an agent of change. Our only hope is to construct power from below, empowering communities and workers through institutions such as Worker enterprises and Communal Cooperatives; while constructing simultaneously a radical political organization that can truly challenge the status quo.


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