Hugo Chavez will submit Second Socialist Plan of the Nation on January 10

Venezuelan News Agency. – President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that on January 10, 2013 he will deliver the second Socialist Plan of the Nation to the National Assembly, during the ceremony of his inauguration as President for the period of 2013-2019.

He recalled that the Constitution provides that in the first year the Head of State must submit to the National Assembly his government plan, to be discussed, approved or rejected.

“I aspire to deliver the plan, without missing a single day, the first day,” he said in a press conference at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

He also mentioned that from that moment the government will initiate the creation of the different mechanisms of consultation, participation and design through which the proposals of the people in the social, economic and political spheres will be recollected. Chavez invited Venezuelan opposition to join in this task.

He stated that criticism will also be received. “To review all of that and go on preparing, with coherence and feasibility, the second Socialist Plan of the Nation (…) To begin, at once, with the new year, progressing in the economic, in the social. To move forward, improving, renovating, relaunching many projects. ”

Venezuela will have a ministry with power for follow-up and control

Moreover, President Chavez said that in the coming days the Ministry of the Office of the Secretariat will be transformed into a ministry with power to follow up and control in government management, on a national and local level.

He indicated that this initiative is a result of the fact that one of the major flaws in his government was the lack of follow-up on plans and programs.

“I have great faith that a ministry, a system of follow-up and control, will allow us to achieve one of the most urgent goals of the new cycle: increasing efficiency in the management of government,” he said.

Chavez claimed victory in elections this Sunday, October 7 with the support of 8,062,056 voters, i.e 55.14%, while his main opponent, Henrique Capriles, reached 6,468,450 votes (44.24 %). The new president will assume the Presidency, for the period 2013-2019, on 10 January next year.

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