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Imposed Beauty and Capitalism: Images of Protests Against Miss Venezuela 2013

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Days before this year’s Miss Venezuela competition, the collectives Faldas en Revolución (Skirts in Revolution) and the Movimiento Revolucionario de Ciclismo Urbano (Revolutionary Urban Cycling Movement, MRCU) issued public statements calling for a boycott of the pageant, criticising it for promoting “capitalism”, “patriarchy” and “consumerism”.

Earlier this week, Maria Eugenia from the MRCU told Venezuelan media that the country needs to rethink how it views beauty.

“[Miss Venezuela contestants] are slaves of beauty standards that thousands of girls want to fit into year after year,” Eugenia stated.

In Venezuela, beauty and capitalism go hand in hand. Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other country, and Venezuelans spend millions of dollars each year on beauty products. On average, Venezuelan women spend around 20% of their salaries on beauty products, making the country’s beauty industry among the most profitable per capita.

Venezuela’s obsession with beauty has a long history, and remains strong today. However, opposition to events like Miss Venezuela is growing.

The placard reads "don't exchange your dignity for the crown". (Pacha Catalina)

The placard reads “don’t exchange your dignity for the crown”. (Pacha Catalina)

"Miss Plastic Surgery" (Pacha Catalina)

“Miss Plastic Surgery” (Pacha Catalina)

"Imposed beauty is a weapon that only serves self mutilation." (Pacha Catalina)

“Imposed beauty is a weapon that only serves self mutilation.” (Pacha Catalina)

(Pacha Catalina)

(Pacha Catalina)

"Free and fighting woman without a sash and crown"(Pacha Catalina)

“Free and fighting woman without a sash and crown”(Pacha Catalina)

"A woman who respects herself doesn't need approval for her actions."(Pacha Catalina)

“A woman who respects herself doesn’t need approval for her actions.”(Pacha Catalina)

[Could also be translated as “A woman who respects herself doesn’t need approval of her measurements” -thepointistochangeit]

(Pacha Catalina)

“Enough of the construction of bodies submitted to Capital” (translation by thepointistochangeit)



Puerto Ricans clash over LGBT Equality Bills: The face of hate and the face of love

Two bills have been proposed in Puerto Rico that would increase the rights of the LGBT community on the island.  One bill would prohibit discrimination for motives related to sexual orientation in areas as employment, rental leases, and other such public or private instances.  The second bill would clarify that Puerto Rico’s Domestic Violence Law, no matter the sexual orientation, protects all citizens. The island’s religious groups took the streets to protest these urgently needed measures on the island. In Puerto Rico, violent and non-violent homophobia is rampant. Between 2009 and 2011 alone, more than two-dozen people have been murdered in anti-gay hate crimes.

In a frightening and saddening demonstration of the conservative and patriarchal values that still run deep in Puerto Rican culture, around 200,000 people manifested in the island’s Capitol building on February 18th, with hateful picket signs invoking Christ and misleadingly calling for the defense of family.

Among the demonstrations in favor of the equality bills, one was held days before, on Saint Valentine’s Day. This demonstration took place in the University of Puerto Rico, and its conclusion was a mass kissing. The manifestation clearly illustrated that we are dealing with a clash between hate and love.

The now in power Popular Democratic Party, though ideologically absent minded, is trying to distinguish itself from the previous New Progressive Party government, which was explicitly reactionary in all fronts, including gender issues. Hopefully this will enable the approval of the proposed bills.

Faces of Hate:

Faces of hate at the Capitol Building

Faces of Love at the University of Puerto Rico:

Faces of Love at the University of Puerto Rico